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You are enough – Girl Synergy
You are enough

You are enough

Have you ever wondered if you are enough? I know that feeling too! It is painful and can be paralyzing.

I wish I could say this will not happen if we are good and if we do the best we know how. The Unfortunate truth is, however, that situations around us will sometimes, make us question our worth.

In spite of our best efforts, we will be misunderstood, we will get talked about, we will be disappointed and rejected. As if that is bad enough, sometimes, the rejection and disappointment will be from the very people we have sacrificed the most for; or whom we have relied on the most; the people who should have our backs!

When this happens, the result is that we want to throw up our hands in the air and give up. After all, all our hard work and attempt to please and do right have, at best, gone unnoticed and at worst been treated with contempt.

If you choose the “I-give-up stance”, I will totally understand. I can, even, justify your position and defend your right to do so. The problem here is, if you do that, “they” win. Who are they? I am glad you asked. “They” are everything and everyone who does not know or acknowledge your value. “They are anything and anyone who wants to pull you down (even unintentionally). “They” are the limitations you and others have placed on you, your creativity and your worth!

You are the only one who can stop them. But you will have to stand up and show up to do so!

  1. Remember, it’s your life, it’s your worth, it’s your creativity, and your choice to live limitless.
  2. Believe me, you (who you are in your core, your dream, passion and self-worth) are worth fighting for.
  3. Many times, you will have to do the fighting alone
  4. The end result is absolutely exhilarating and totally worth it

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