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Make the Most of ‘It”, Always! – Girl Synergy
Make the Most of ‘It”, Always!

Make the Most of ‘It”, Always!

Make The Most of “It”, Always!

You have probably heard it said before, that when life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade!

Life doesn’t always go the way we plan or want it. The proverbial spanners will, more often than not, get thrown in the  “works”. Something will go wrong, someone will drop the ball. The cal won’t come, you will get passed over for the promotion, someone beloved will pass, unexpectedly.

Events you have no direct control over! That’s life handing you lemons, and sometimes, it looks like the lemons are delivered in large bowl fulls. 

That’s the most difficult time to arise, but that.s exactly what you need to do. This is literately the critical point, that separates a win from a loss. The response to this situation determines how long you will stay under.

You can stay in the well of life and get buried under the sand that is being poured down on you, or you can shake off each shovel load of sand and climb over it until it gets high enough to lift you out of the well.

So what ever “it” means for you at this station of your life, determine to make the most of it and do so consistently. There is incredible power in a made up mind!

In those very difficult situations, remember that you can do it. Tell yourself that you can do it and refuse to accept an y suggestions in the contrary. Surround yourself with positive content and contacts. Stay away from things, situations and people that keep you down and low.  I believe in you!

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