Girl synergy is a speaking, coaching, training and motivational consultancy aimed at engaging women of all age groups to recognize their self-worth and know that, we are better together.

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Dr Shade. Synergy Expert

About Dr. Shade – Synergy expert:

She has been a keen follower and teacher of the values of leadership and possibility-mindset for over 20 years. If you need palpable passion and sheer dexterity on personal development and leadership topics, someone who can motivate and initiate attitude change, you have to contact her! Her life calling is to be a hope dealer, and she can help you walk through life’s situations and emerge as a remarkable success.

Her speaking and coaching method is very engaging, well researched, and actionable and there are several testimonies of transformation. She is relatable, dedicated and zesty, with a “can do” spirit. Girl synergy was birthed from a deep seated desire to encourage women of all age groups to take their place in destiny and speared the message that we are better together.

Provincial and Federal agencies as well as community organizations have benefited from her wealth of experience. Whatever the size, age group, gender or bearing in life of your audience, they will live inspired and challenged to change their lives with a customized message. I will love to speak to you. Discover the power of synergy, let’s connect!

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  • Keynote speaker
  • Motivational speaker
  • Teacher
  • Trainer
  • Personal development coach


“Shade sent the group off on a high, ready and willing to embrace our personal truth and take it on purpose. She helped us understand the benefits of seeing value in people and becoming people of influence. I personally have not been then same on my job and in family since the presentation by Shade made at my organization’s lunch and learn.   She is a fantastic corporate speaker and highly recommended.”

Jason, MO – Supervisor,
Manitoba Province

"Amazing high energy and enthusiasm! Shade will impact your life and organization."

Rhonda, CA Program Manager, CONA

“Dr. Shade has the amazing ability to connect with people and energize them on a journey of possibilities and transformation. She is able to mesmerize her audience while delivering practical tool and equipping them to make changes. She does this with great passion- a truly inspirational speaker who will absolutely impress you with her professionalism.”

Kashim, RP HR Director, Inspire


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